Apr 28, 2017

Prophet Nooh

Prophet Nooh (Alayh as-Salaam) preached the Oneness of Allah (SWT) and received nothing but contempt, jest and arrogance. Allah (SWT) sent a terrible punishment on the people of Nooh (Alayh as-Salaam). There is a lesson in this for all of us.

Published Aug 1, 2003
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“Don’t give up worshipping Wadd! Don’t give up worshipping Suwa! Don’t give up worshipping Yaguth! Don’t give up worshipping Yauuq, and don’t give up worshipping Nasr!”

This is what the people of Nooh (alayh as-salaam) told each other when this great Prophet invited them to only worship Allah, the only true god, the one and only creator and maintainer of the heavens and the earth.

Wadd, Suwa, Yaguth, Yauuq and Nasr were the names of the idols that the nation of Nooh (alayh as-salaam) considered to be their gods. Even though these idols were just lifeless images that somebody had carved with their hands at some point in time, these people actually believed that if they prayed to these idols and worshipped them, the idols would answer their prayers and would give them whatever they needed.

It was to correct this kind of ignorance that Allah chose Nooh (alayh as-salaam) to be a Prophet. Nooh (alayh as-salaam) told the people to give up worshipping these false gods, these lifeless idols, to repent to Allah sincerely and to worship only Him. Nooh (alayh as-salaam) promised them that if they gave up worshipping the idols and became true believers of Allah, Allah would give them lots of blessings, and they would be blessed with much rainfall, lots of wealth and sons and gardens and rivers.

The more these people heard the message of Tawheed (Oneness of Allah), the more arrogant they became. They would not even let Prophet Nooh (alayh as-salaam) speak to them in peace. They would stuff their fingers into their ears so as to not even hear a word of what Nooh (alayh as-salaam) was telling them. He addressed them both publicly and secretly, by day and by night, and tried his utmost to convince them to follow Allah’s guidance and to stop worshipping things other than Allah. But apart from a handful of good people, nobody listened to this message.

When it was clear that the people of his nation were not going to listen to the message of Tawheed, Prophet Nooh (alayh as-salaam) made Dua to Allah for punishment for the disbelievers. He had preached to them for nine hundred and fifty years, and it was obvious by this time that this nation was not interested in listening to the message of Allah with open minds. If they were left alone, they would not only have continued worshipping Wadd, Suwa, Yaguth, Yauuq and Nasr, but would also have misled others into worshipping idols.

When Nooh (alayh as-salaam) asked Allah to destroy the idol-worshippers, Allah sent a great flood as punishment. The only people who survived the flood were the believers, the people who were sailing with Nooh (alayh as-salaam) on a ship made of broad planks and nails. All the disbelievers died a horrible and painful death by drowning in the great flood.

The lesson we should learn from this is that the only way to success is by believing in Tawheed (the oneness of Allah) and by worshipping Him alone. Allah is very angry at those people who worship anyone or anything besides Allah.

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