May 23, 2017

Being a Muslim is Tough

I don’t always feel like I enjoy being a Muslim because it’s tough sometimes. Help!

Published Feb 20, 2006
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Dear Mazzin the Moose,
I don’t always feel like I enjoy being a Muslim because it’s tough sometimes. Help!

Recipe for How to Make a Joyous Muslim

1 quantity of daily Qur’an
1 dose of following the Sunnah
1 generous dash of love for Allah
1 part good deeds done with care
1 smidgen (why not make that 2?) of F-U-N


  1. Slowly combine all ingredients to make a Joyous Muslim over a period of time. This can take about 80-90 years. Be patient!
  2. Continually stir the pot, making sure the Joyous Muslim doesn’t boil over with troubles or worry. Everything is in the Hands of the Master Chef!
  3. Keep the Joyous Muslim warm by maintaining a steady temperature—neither the extreme cold of turning away from The Truth, nor the extreme heat of going beyond Allah’s Limits
  4. Check often to avoid “stewing in your own juices”. A Joyous Muslim won’t turn out if it’s left too long unattended.
  5. If you run low on ingredients, ADD MORE! No Joyous Muslim should be without moderate amounts of all the listed items (and include a generous helping of “family”—a good cook can never have too much of that on hand!)
  6. For a truly superior Joyous Muslim, garnish with lots of du’aa to Ar-Rahman, The Merciful. Ask Him to make YOU the best Joyous Muslim you can be for this life and for the next!
Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

Dear “Keep-Your-Chin-Up!”,

It’s hard to feel anything all the time, even if it’s something very nice. For example, I love lily-roots and I feel like I could eat them all day (hey, don’t knock ‘em unless you’ve tried ‘em!) but imagine how tired I would get of this yummy treat if it was my only culinary option. B-o-r-i-n-g! I sure wouldn’t feel as tempted by this delicacy after a non-stop-lily-root-eat-a-thon, would I?

Even Abu Bakr and Hanzalah, two of the Prophet’s close companions, had a difficult time feeling as if their imaan stayed at the height of passion. They were focused on nothing but Allah when in the presence of the Prophet. However, when they left to go about their regular lives, the feeling dimmed a little bit. It made them sad and they sought out the Prophet’s (pbuh) advice.

The Messenger of Allah understood how difficult it can be to always feel something (even something good … don’t forget the lily-roots). He told the companions if they could continue in the state of faith they captured while listening to him, angels would come to shake their hands in their beds and in the streets. BUT…He (pbuh) finished by saying three times, “Such things happen occasionally.” (This saying is found in Sahih Muslim)

Occasionally means ‘not all the time’. Allah knows us better than we know ourselves and He helps us keep walking towards Him, even when we—occasionally—feel like sitting down on the job! So, shake the dust off yourself and step right up to this ‘recipe’ for getting through tough times. I promise it’ll turn out better than the “Tree Bark Pizzas” my mom made for dinner yesterday (but don’t tell her I said that, okay?)…

Mazzin the Moose

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