May 24, 2017

Birthday Party

I want a birthday party but Mom says no! Help!

Published Feb 27, 2006
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Dear Mazzin the Moose,
I want a birthday party but Mom says no! Help!

Dear "Can-I-blow-out-the-candles-now?",

Presents, lots of attention, fun, games, decorations, yummy food, festive frolicking...the list of what you miss by not celebrating the day you came squawking into the world is endless. Or is it? Who says you need a birthday party to have all this and more?!

From the Desk of...
Dr. Mazzin T. Moose

How to fill-up your Fantastic Fridays:

  1. Pick out your best hijab and kufy to dress extra nice. I even comb my hair on Fridays and if you had antlers, you'd know that's h-a-r-d to do!
  2. Plan special menus with your parents. Every week, a different family member can select either a tasty main dish or a scrumptious dessert (wonder which one you'll pick when it's your turn!).
  3. Create "We Love Islam" decorations. Put them up the night before and enjoy them all day long! Try blinking lights, balloons, streamers, colored paper-chains, drawings of the Ka'bah, tinfoil stars dangling from the ceiling, etc.
  4. Make invitations to give to your family and friends. The more the merrier on Fantastic Fridays! Be sure to include a note about how you are learning to follow this important Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).
  5. Find ways to serve Allah by serving others on these days. Why not take the merriment to those who aren't able to get out, like an elderly neighbor? Or take the initiative and wash those dishes before your mom has to ask you!
  6. Give yourself the best present: Memorize three verses from the Qu'ran and teach them to a friend.
  7. Last but not least...enjoy your party!
Dr. M. Moose

Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

Yesterday, it was my turn to wash the dishes but I got my little sister to do them so I could play with my friends. When our mom saw the kitchen sparkling and neat, she gave me a big hug and told me I was a great moose. I felt guilty being rewarded for something I hadn't done (not to mention the fact that my sister kicked my leg when she spotted me getting the credit for her hard work and soapy hands!).

Now, you're probably wondering what this has to do with birthdays, but there's a point here, I promise.

Let's think about what we did to get ourselves born. Think hard. Did we make ourselves out of clay? Or did we breathe life into our souls? Hmm...did we clothe our bones with flesh or decide which day would be best for our joyful arrival? (Qur'an Check! 23:14, 35:11, 40:67) Nope. I'm pretty sure we had no hand in any of that; heck, I don't even remember being born, let alone helping!

In other words, we didn't really do very much (ahem, anything at all!) to earn the rewards or a big party of people congratulating us for being here. If anyone should receive the thanks and credit, it is ALLAH!

And the Winner is Islam!

Birthdays come just once every year, one day out of three-hundred-and-sixty-five. Gee. That's not a lot when you compare it to Muslims who celebrate our special day every week! Huh? Every week? Yep!

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) taught us that Eids, weddings and Fridays--all fifty-two of 'em!--are the holidays for us. Do you think everyone wishes they had this many party days to look forward to? And, speaking of wishes, who needs those when we have du'a, which really can come true?!

Turn That Frown Upside Down!

There are ways to make Fridays a hit for the whole family (just make sure you wash the dishes if it's your turn or else watch out for little sisters with big hooves who like to kick!) See the prescription from a certain, ahem, Dr. M. T. Moose elsewhere on this page.

Mazzin the Moose

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