May 23, 2017

Going to the Masjid

My dad drags me to the Mosque and I don’t have a good time. Help!

Published Feb 19, 2006
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Dear Mazzin the Moose,
My dad drags me to the Mosque and I don’t have a good time. Help!

Skip the pulling, yanking, budging and being otherwise bodily moved in the right direction by jumping feet first in the fun of visiting the Mosque!

Private Time.

Not only do you get to spend quality time with Allah, you get to spend it with your dad, too. Pal around on the way. Suggest stopping for a special treat once in a while. A hot chocolate from the local donut shoppe will hit the spot after a beautiful Fajr prayer said in Allah’s House!

Friendly Chatter.

Make plans to bring along a friend and their father. Everyone will have someone to keep them company. Sometimes, parents want to talk about silly stuff. This gives you and your buddy a chance to discuss serious issues (you know, like how long it took your mom to notice you wore two different colored socks to school yesterday) without worrying about what your dad is up to!

Home Sweet Home.

Being in the Masjid has been compared to being a fish in water. I’m not suggesting you snorkel or anything but if you start to feel love for the Masjid, you’ll find yourself one happy guppy when you’re there… and you may discover you miss it when you’re not.

It’s All Yours.

A Masjid is more than four walls. Investigate the space around you. Is there something you can do to tidy up? Does the bulletin board cry out for you to stick up a drawing of a starry sky to inspire the sleepy Muslims coming to pray ‘Isha? Are the Qur’ans left lying around in a heap? The Masjid belongs to all Muslims (you didn’t know you were a real estate mogul, did you?). Take care of it and Allah will take care of you.

Be Prepared.

If you know Dad’s going to be a while because there is a learning circle after the prayer, take a backpack full of things to entertain yourself. Include a fun selection of Islamic books, puzzles, art supplies, some fruit and a juice box. Use the time to make a Thank-You card to your parents for a job well done in raising a caring, respectful Muslim who loves to visit the House of Allah!

Dear “Digging-In-Your-Heels”,

Was that you who left the ditches in the Masjid parking lot? Masha’Allah, when you say your dad drags you, I see what you mean! (Here’s a hint: Next time, pick up your feet—your hooves… er… shoes will last longer!)

Parents have this idea in their heads that they have an important job to do. They don’t let anything like stubbornness or complaints get in the way of their mission. They are warriors in full battle gear and no little pip-squeak (or pip-moose) is going to halt their progress to the goal. What are they trying to accomplish? Helping their kid (you!) earn Jennah. Got to admit, that’s hard work worthy of respect! (Qur’an Check! 31:14)

Unless your Masjid is a wet cardboard box with two flaps missing, lying on Main Street after being run over by a big truck with muddy tires, I imagine you can find something enjoyable to do while you are there. Let me scratch my antlers for a minute here… hmmm… Muslim kid, in a Mosque, what to do, what to do? Oh, I know! How about… Pray?!

When we pray at home, there are many distractions. Maybe the smell of food creeps into our Surah Al-Fatiha (smells like the yummy Tree-Sap Syrup smothering a fluffy stack of Pine-Cone Surprise Pancakes—you don’t want to know what the surprise is, trust me!). Or maybe the carpet in our room tickles our head in sujood. Or maybe we’re thinking less about Allah and more about our little sister twisting our tail for the ten-thousandth time when Mom’s not looking (but someone always catches me when I get her back—go figure!).

There’s no tail-twisting at the Mosque, Alhamdulilah! But there’s plenty of peace and quiet to reflect on the safety and comfort in Allah’s House.

Enjoy your visit and make a du’aa for me!

Mazzin the Moose

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