May 23, 2017

Looking for Fun

I know that making my prayers to Allah is important but I feel so bored. Help!

Published Nov 1, 2004
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Dear Mazzin the Moose,

I know that making my prayers to Allah is important but I feel so bored. Help!

Dear “Looking-for-fun”,

If you think praying is boring, you should try standing around in a field chewing grass all day! Try these tips to change your yawning ways:

Eyes on the Goal!

Stand up. Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. Bored yet? You might be because you’re just doing actions without knowing why.

Now, if I said that the person who stood up the quickest and sat down the quietest would get a prize, would you be bored doing the same thing over and over again as you try to win?

Prayer is just like that. It might seem like you’re working for nothing, but doing the best you can every time will earn you rewards without end!

Squeaky Clean

Instead of making wudu in the bathroom sink, why not try it with a cup and bowl like the Prophet (pbuh) used to do? This is a fun way to get clean which is the first step to a great prayer (and it saves water, too)!
Loud and Clear

All Muslims are summoned to prayer by the adhan. Take a few minutes to learn this beautiful call to prayer and then surprise your family by gathering them together with those wonderful words.

What Did You Say?

Jiggery-pokery and gobbledy-goo are fun tongue twisters but they don’t have any place in a prayer to Allah. Take the time to understand what you’re saying and concentrate instead of trying to set a world record for speed praying!

Wipe your Feet!

If you have more than one prayer rug, try using a different rug for each prayer. Stack up all five at the start of the day and watch the pile get smaller as you use them one by one!

X Marks the Spot

Make a prayer chart like the one below. Fill in the squares with :) (great prayer) :I (okay prayer) :( (not so okay prayer). Keep track and keep improving!

 FriSatSun MonTueWedThu

Hey, Wait Up!

Prayer is the perfect opportunity to “hang out” with your Best Friend, Allah. Don’t-say-your-prayers-this-fast-and-then-just-get-up-and-go!

Sit down after the prayer and make a du’aa to Allah, thanking Him for His Gifts of Love and Mercy. Try to think of at least five things that you are happy about and tell them to The One Who Hears Everything.

I never get bored talking about myself and Allah never gets bored of listening to the voices of His faithful servants!

So stop yawning and start yahoo-ing because the time to pray is the time to celebrate being a Muslim!

Mazzin the Moose


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