May 23, 2017

Ramadan-Ran-Out Blues

Ramadan is over and I miss it already. Help!

Published Oct 1, 2004
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Dear Mazzin the Moose,
Ramadan is over and I miss it already. Help!

Dear “Only-364-days-till-next-time!”,

Hmmm… Let Dr. Mazzin take a closer look at you. Are your hands cold and clammy? Legs shaky and weak? Can’t seem to focus? Feel an empty space in your daily schedule and your life?

Yep. I’ve seen it before. You’ve got all the symptoms for a classic case of the…

“Ramadan-Ran-Out Blues”!

From the Desk of…
Dr. Mazzin T. Moose

Patient’s Name:
The Readers of Muslim Kids' Journal suffering from ill effects of “Ramadan-Ran-Out Blues” (and their parents, too!)

1) Prayer 2) Qur’an 3) Good Deeds

Prescription Directions:
Take liberal doses of prayer – at least five times daily plus extra du’a – combined with the benefits of The Holy Book (Qur’an Check! See 41:40 & 17:82) and then apply good deeds as needed. Ahem, ahem … Doctor’s orders: “as needed” = “all the time”!

Expect to see the “Ramadan-Ran-Out Blues” fade within the first two to three days. Don’t think this is a ‘quick-fix’ cure, however!

To avoid relapse, you must continue to faithfully take this medicine. Be careful! These Blues are tricky and can disguise themselves as ‘laziness’, ‘forgetfulness’ or ‘busy-ness’ in order to keep you away from the good health of being a good servant of Allah.

364–or the number of days until next Ramadan starts.

Dr. M. Moose

Sounds dreadful but don’t worry. It’s not going to hurt you because the blessings of our month of fasting don’t end when the eating begins! Let’s see what others have done to prevent this malady…

Did you know the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) used to celebrate the joy of Ramadan for six months after it was over?! Then, they would begin to anticipate and prepare for the next Ramadan six months before it began?!

In other words, they spent their whole year (and their whole lives) in the spirit of Ramadan every single day! May Allah be pleased with them (and us) all. Aameen.

Here’s a prescription to cure your ailing heart and get rid of those pesky “Ramadan-Ran-Out Blues” for a healthy mind, body and soul!

Mazzin the Moose

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