May 23, 2017

What Do You Do With A Pew?

My friend invited me to attend church services and I don’t know what to do. Help!

Published Feb 28, 2008
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Dear Mazzin the Moose,
My friend invited me to attend church services and I don’t know what to do. Help!

From the Desk Of
Mazzin T. Moose,

A Muslim is always:
Polite. If you’re extended an invitation you don’t want to accept, smile and say, “No, thanks. I’m a Muslim and I’m happy with my religion” instead of screaming and running away pulling your hair (or antlers or hijab or kufy!).

A Muslim is always:
Firm. Sometimes, even good friends can be very insistent on sharing their way of life. For Muslims, we understand there is no way to force anyone to believe in Allah, the One True God (Qur’an Check! 2:256). In return, no one can force us to believe in their misguided ideas of God, either.

A Muslim is always:
Aware. Shaytan’s job is to be sneaky and he’s good at it. He likes to confuse us and make the path of Islam seem covered in darkness. Realize you have the sun at your command when you study your faith. Knowledge will blow away any cloud of doubt. Let your strong understanding of what Islam is—and isn’t!—be your roadmap to avoid false detours and potholes. The devil can whisper up a storm but The Truth of Allah SHOUTS and shines through!

A Muslim is always:
Supported. Allah gave us family, good Muslim friends and teachers to strengthen and protect us. If you find yourself unsure of something, remember my favorite saying and trust in Allah. Then go ask someone for help (unless you’re a camel, you can do that without a rope, I promise!).

Dear “What-Do-You-Do-With-a-Pew?”,

I love invitations, especially if they’re for dinner at my friend Adam’s house (his mom makes awesome Banana-Nut-Ant Bread—yum yum!).

Every invitation is unique, however, and we should carefully choose how to spend time with our friends—whether they are Muslim or not.

One day, my pal Zuhair invited me to go with his family on a bike-riding trip. Now, I’m a firm believer in the saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), “Trust in Allah but tie your camel.” This means rely on The Most Merciful to help you achieve your goals (or keep your pesky camel from wandering off) but take some steps to help yourself (and any free-roaming livestock in the area), too.

I had this in mind as I snapped a bike-helmet over my antlers and buckled kneepads over my knobby shins. But no matter how many times I tried to put my best foot…er, hoof forward, I could not get the hang of riding a bicycle meant for two legs when I have four!

This is how I feel when my friends invite me to their places of worship: it’s just not for me. My four legs keep me on the Straight Path of Islam and I don’t need to try some other way to get where I want to go. There’s only one route to Heaven and that’s by worshipping Allah alone and believing in His last Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh).

The next time you get an invitation to learn about someone else’s religion, teach them about your own — and tell them there’s no extra safety gear required!

Mazzin the Moose

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