May 23, 2017

Halloween: The Scariest Night

Learn some spooky facts about Halloween. Boo!

Published Feb 18, 2008
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I know there were a few surprises in the other articles about the Non-Muslim holidays, such as Easter and Christmas. Maybe you thought that those were too happy and nice to have links to paganism. Well, we now know that each of the major holidays celebrated by some Non-Muslims have pagan origins. As we notice the orange and black decorations coming in the stores, and the sale of frightening masks and costumes, it should not be a surprise that Halloween comes from a dark pagan past. Somehow no matter how they dress it up to look like fun, dress-up and candy, most people who think a minute will see that it is a dark, evil night that should best be avoided.

I will get right to the point of the evil: pagan animal sacrifices to the Shaytan.

We know as Muslims that we must act out of fear of Allah, not fear that something bad will come from another source.

The date October thirty-first has remained the same as it was when the Druids, a cult which worships the Shaytan, celebrated their new year over two thousand years ago. They believed that a god of theirs, called Samhain (the god of the dead), would gather the souls of all those who had died the previous year. October thirty-first was then celebrated as the Festival of Death. Since they believed that all the souls were drawn out of wherever they had been, they would wear scary masks to scare away the evil spirits. They used black cats in their rituals, and believed that some cats were evil friends of witches, and some were witches themselves! Believing that for the spirits or souls to be released, these witches would kill innocent animals and burn the bodies in ceremonies. Orange and black represent those orange flames against the black night sky.

For those of us who think that the witch on a broom zooming around is a fairy tale, understand that although modern witches may not wear pointy black hats and fly around, they do use their brooms in the Halloween rituals. As for the jack-o’-lanterns (carved-out pumpkins with candles inside), I’m not telling you about that. Just understand that those were used, too, and have a very evil and scary origin.

The ‘trick or treat’ part of Halloween has several different origins, all having to do with the Festival of the Dead on October thirty-first. The people of the time believed that the souls needed food and drink, and so to please the spirits wandering around, people were to leave food outside their door for the spirits to eat. If they didn’t, they thought that the spirits would haunt or curse their home. All of the beliefs that these people had, and any people like that have now, rely on their fear based on superstition. Superstition is when someone is taught to fear that doing something or saying something will bring evil, or avoid evil coming to a person. When people act on superstition, they have to do super-stupid things to avoid the evil that they’re scared of. We know as Muslims that we must act out of fear of Allah, not fear that something bad will come from another source, like black cats or spirits. Witches and other evil people are always trying to make believers in Allah to be scared of others besides Him, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

Halloween is now celebrated in North America by people who are not all Satan-worshippers. People who lived in Ireland, the place where the modern Druid cult live, brought the festival over here with them when they immigrated to North America in the 1800’s. By this time, the Christian church compromised again, making October thirty-first a Christian religious holiday. When I was little, because I was raised a Christian, we used to dress up like the Catholic saints instead of ghosts and goblins. The rest of the holiday is exactly the same; even the date hasn’t changed. Although the Christians tried to come halfway with the Satan-worshippers, Halloween has come through the ages as what it was meant to be: the main holiday of the year, when people do things to worship the Shaytan.

We are talking about serious evil here, and the worst thing is that the original Festival of the Dead is not something of the past. To this day Halloween is still being celebrated as the best night of the year to sacrifice to please the Shaytan.

Surely the activities on this day please the Shaytan, authu billeh. Certainly we know as Muslims that we should never do anything to please the Shaytan, and never think that it’s exciting or fun. The Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has told us that we have just two holidays: the two Eids. They are enough fun and happy times for us. The holiday of Halloween will come during Ramadan this year; let’s make it part of our increased worship to totally avoid this holiday.

Article (c) Sakina bint Erik Marx. See sister Sakina's website at:

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