May 23, 2017

Being the Eldest

A poem about being the eldest of five siblings.

Published Jun 13, 2010
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Being the eldest kid in a family of seven,
Is a very tough job for someone who’s eleven.

Two sisters and two brothers whom I need a lot,
To live with and to play with and with each other to be rude not.

Being the eldest, it’s hard not to get,
(when they are misbehaving) angry or upset.

When they beg too much and make me lose control,
I must cool down and get some self-control.

Changing diapers is, of course, something I would love to miss,
But until my sister is potty trained, I will have to wait for that bliss.

Keeping me up in the night when I'm only trying to sleep,
My siblings can make lots of noise and onto my bed they can leap.

Messing up my room after I had just cleaned it up,
I find my sisters playing and I feel like I'm going to erupt.

But having so many kids depending on me,
Makes me feel special for who I may be.

Joking with my siblings in the darkness of night,
Brings happiness and laughter as well as dreams that are bright.

And with so many playmates, I always have something to do,
Whether it be playing or laughing or just saying, 'BOO!'.

Being the eldest in a family of seven,
Can sometimes be fun for someone who's eleven!

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