May 23, 2017

Once I Had A Dream

Published Feb 26, 2006
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Once I had a dream,
And I thought it was true,
I was flying in the sky,
And the birds were passing through.

Once I had a dream,
About a snugly little cat,
It was funny and playful,
But how could I imagine that.

Once I had a dream,
The fish gathered in a dance,
They were jumping and twirling,
And I watched them in a glance.

Once I had a dream,
My mom and dad were alphabet letters,
But when I heard their voices,
I felt much better.

When I was little,
I had lots and lots of dreams,
Some were spooky, some were scary,
I think I woke up in screams.

If you were in my situation,
And you have seen all that.
Just use your imagination,
You might hide under the mat.

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