May 23, 2017

A Kid Who Wanted Adventure

Daoud really wanted to go on an adventure. Find out how he and his friend solved the case of the Green Stone diamond!

Published Feb 21, 2008
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Once, in a park, a kid named Daoud was playing with his friends. His parents were with him too. Daoud asked his parents if he could go on an adventure. Daoud’s parents said he couldn’t go on one. Daoud asked why. They replied, “Because you can’t miss school, we don’t have time on weekends, and at summer, we have to visit your grandparents.” After a few minutes they left and went home. When Daoud went home, he said to himself, “I want some adventure.” Then he went to sleep.

The thieves’ plan was to trick the man into giving them the Green Stone diamond.


When Daoud woke up, he was in a jet. There were two bad guys in the front but they didn’t notice that Daoud was in the back. Daoud heard the thieves say: “A man found the Green Stone Diamond, if we steal it from him, we could sell it and be rich.” Daoud was sad and happy at the same time. He was sad because the Green Stone diamond would be stolen, and he was happy because he would go on an adventure.


When the thieves landed, Daoud called his friend from a public telephone.

His friend said: “Who is it?”

Daoud said, “It’s me, Daoud.”

His friend replied, “Hello Daoud, what’s up?”

Daoud said, “There are thieves who are after the Green Stone diamond, I need help to get it.”

His friend said, “Where should I be at what time?”

Daoud replied, “Uh, hold on.” He listened to the thieves. They said, “We will be at Hamurill Rock Park for 12 hours starting from 9:00am.” Then Daoud replied, “Hamurill Rock park at 9:00am.”

“OK,” his friend said and they hung up.

The next day, Daoud’s friend came to Hamurill Rock park. When the thieves were making their plan for stealing the Green Stone diamond, the kids were planning how to stop them. Their plan was to squirt them with crazy string guns and water guns.

The thieves’ plan was to trick the man into giving them the Green Stone diamond. After 12 hours the thieves took off in their jet. They used the radar to locate the man who had the Green Stone diamond. Soon they reached him. One thief asked the man, “Do you have the Green Stone diamond?”

“Why yes” said the man.


“Can I see it?” said the thief.

“Sure” said the man.

“Look, Mercury!” said the thief.

The man looked back, when he turned forward to see where the thief was, he vanished. The man was sad. Then Daoud came and said, “You are so cool, can you tell me where you live?”

“What are you doing here,” asked the man.

“A bus dropped us off here for some reason,” said Daoud.

“OK. I live in 452 Willow Street in Plainsboro” said the man sadly.

“Thanks” said Daoud as he ran away.

Daoud sat at the back of the jet with his friend while the thieves were in the front. When they landed, Daoud tried to get the Green Stone diamond but he got caught. Then Daoud shot one thief with a water gun and his friend shot another one with a crazy string gun. After that, Daoud snatched the Green Stone diamond and ran away. Then he heard some people say that they were going to 452 Willow Street in Plainsboro. So Daoud thought that if they jumped in the truck which was going there they would be close to the man who found the Green Stone diamond. So they jumped in the truck and went away. The thieves used their radar to locate the kids. After half an hour they were where they wanted to be. They looked for 452 for 15 minutes and then they found it.


When Daoud and his friend came to the man’s house he was surprised to see the Green Stone diamond. Then the man said, “Wait till I tell the scientist about this.” Suddenly Daoud’s friend heard the thieves. He told the man to call 911, so he did. The police came and arrested the thieves. When the police knew about what happened, they spread the news. The next day’s newspapers had everything about Daoud’s adventure. It was the best day of Daoud’s life.



[Originally published: February 2003]


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