May 23, 2017

Good or Bad

Published Feb 26, 2006
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Ali was a very bad boy. He never stopped wrestling and fighting. One day he got sick. None of his friends came. He was very sad. The next day he was feeling much better. Lyla came and gave him a present, and then Samar came and gave him a present. He was so happy to see them. Lyla said, "Don’t wrestle" when she saw him. Samar said "Don’t fight" when she came by.

They were happy to see him too. He asked them why they came. "I wanted to see you and find how you were doing," said Lyla. Samar added, "to know if you were OK." He thanked them for visiting him. They played football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, twisting, twirling, ring around the rosy -- every sport that there was to play. They played all week long. He promised never to be bad again.

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