May 23, 2017

Hiba's Gift

Published Feb 26, 2006
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There was once a girl named Hiba. She had a brother named Ahmed. She always wanted a new painting set. So she asked her parents and they said, "If you behave well enough you may earn it." Now Hiba knew Ahmed was always teasing her, which started a fight. Hiba felt she would never earn her painting set.

Meanwhile, Ahmed came along and told Hiba, "Mama and Papa would never let you get it." He was teasing her again. Hiba knew she wouldn’t get it. More than that, she thought she wouldn’t get anything. She went in her room and decided to read her favorite books. When she finished with her books, Hiba decided to draw a picture for grandma and grandpa. They were happy with her picture. Hiba went to her room and walked around. Ahmed decided to take a few of Hiba's books to read.

The next day Hiba went out for a walk. She visited her friend Sara. They played a lot of games then Hiba left. Then at dinner time, everyone sat to eat. Mama told Hiba that Ramadan begins tomorrow. Hiba was kind of feeling better. "Bedtime Kids!" called mama. A few weeks later Eid was coming. Later Hiba and Ahmed were so excited that all they did was to write a list of all the things they wanted. But all Hiba wrote was "Painting Set" over and over. Ahmed looked at Hiba's List. He said, "Mama and Papa are so angry, they won't get you a painting set."

"One more day to Eid," said Ahmed excitedly. Hiba somehow got so excited that she jumped on her bed and touched the ceiling! "Eid, Eid, Eid" shouted Ahmed. He saw all his gifts and opened them all. Hiba was very surprised. All she got was many painting sets, just like her list!

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