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Jenny is a poor homeless girl who does not have any friends but then she meets Crystal.

Published Feb 23, 2008
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There once was a poor girl who lived on the streets with her mama. In the winter she would sigh because she had no friends or any brothers or sisters. She was a good builder with snow but nobody wanted to be her friend because she was poor. So in the winter she built things in the snow to amuse herself. It never worked. In the summer she would be happy at the beach, but she was always sad in the winter.

One day her mama saw the children making snow people. She ran to her daughter, whose name was Jenny, and asked her if she wanted to make a snowperson. She said, “I’ll be delighted to.” Her mama smiled. She made a beautiful snow girl. She took her pocket money and bought some paint.

When Jenny finished painting the snow girl’s hair brown, her coat pink, and her hat yellow, the snow girl started to move! She stared at the snow girl for a minute. The snow girl asked “What is your name?” “Jenny”, Jenny replied. “What is yours?” “My fist name is Crystal. My middle name is Water. My last name is Snow. I have come here from Snoworld”, she told her. Jenny asked if she liked to play snowball fight. “Oh, I just love to. I always play it in Snoworld”, she said. Then Jenny looked sad. “What is the matter?” asked Crystal. “Will you ever leave to Snoworld?” Jenny asked. “Only in Summer, Spring, and Fall”. she replied. “Then let’s play!” said Jenny.

Jenny threw a snowball and it hit Crystal, the war had begun! They played until dinner. It was really fun. They walked to her mama and she gave them dinner. All that they ate was bread and a piece of meat. They drank melted snow. Crystal ate snow. Then it was bed time.

After a few weeks Crystal was getting ready to go. Jenny begged her mama to let her go to Snoworld too. Her mama said she could go if she behaved. “Yes!” Jenny exclaimed. When it was time to go, Crystal melted. Jenny stepped on the water and she fell. “Ahhhhhh!” she cried. Then she saw Crystal. “What is this place?” Jenny asked. “This is Waterzone. It’s close to Snoworld.” Crystal replied. When they got to Snoworld they saw snow people doing everything they do on Earth.


Crystal showed Jenny her sled. It was beautiful blue with red seats. “Huh, seats?” Jenny asked. “I made it. Imagination.” Crystal explained. Then there was a loud ring. Crystal grabbed Jenny’s hand and said “C’mon, to the sled race!”. Jenny knew without being told, Crystal would like to be her partner!

When everybody was ready they heard “1-2-3-4-5 Go!” They ran to the hill and sledded down. Crystal and Jenny were #2. Jenny asked “What is the name of our sled?” Crystal replied “Ours is called Imagination Sled. The one in the front is Lazy is Crazy, the one in the back is Super Duper. Oh, I forgot! You see that woman in red? She is the world champion. She drives the Laser Maser.” “Can I drive”, Jenny asked. “Sure” Crystal answered. “Thanks” Jenny responded. Crystal gave Jenny the ropes. The race was on!

The girls finally caught up to Lazy is Crazy. The kids driving Lazy is Crazy are named Tom and Chad. Tom, Chad, Jenny and Crystal saw the finish line. Then Crystal remembered she made a rocket booster. She pushed the button and they WON! Hooray! They won medals. Then Jenny had an idea. She told Crystal, and the girls went to look for Jenny’s mother back on Earth. Jenny begged her mama to come live in Snoworld. So she agreed and they lived there happily ever after.


[Originally published: February 2003]


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