May 23, 2017

The Girl’s Discovery

Maria is taunted by Elise about the surprise test. Read on to find out what happened...

Published Feb 23, 2008
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The young girl twisted her hair nervously, chewing her bottom lip in rhythm. It was the day of the big surprise test and she had not even practiced! She had been so confident the night before and now she was practically fainting in her chair.

It was the last thing she was hoping for on the weekly surprise test!

A piece of paper poked her in the head. A letter! Maria opened it and scanned the contents. “Give up Maria! You know I will be the test master for the day, AS ALWAYS!!” It was signed by Elise, her sworn enemy. She looked up and glared at Elise who grinned evilly and took her thumb down.

Beads of sweat dotted her forehead as she took out her paper and pencil. As the teacher gave out the sheets of test paper, Maria scanned the paper glumly. It was a grammar test! Maria now was filled with air, her heart swelling with joy. It was the last thing she was hoping for on the weekly surprise test! Grammar of all things! It was her most favorite subject in the whole world, and she studied it every night before she went to sleep. Confident that she would do well, Maria took the pencil, smiling at herself. The pencil had first looked limp and dull, like a piece of stewed carrot. Now it looked like a fresh carrot, waiting for her to leap at the test.

Maria finished the test twenty minutes before time was up, jotting down the answers as if they were chopped up carrots waiting to be eaten. As the teacher scanned the room looking for finished students, she noticed Maria and whispered softly, “Maria, hand me your test, and I will correct it.”

As Maria waited, the other classmates soon shuffled up, handing their test papers slowly. She flashed a grin to her sworn enemy, who was awful at grammar.

One hour later, as the test results were being given out, and the day’s test master was being announced, Maria waited tentatively. “This day’s master is Maria Daood! Congratulations, Maria for trying your best! Your score is 100%. And the second winner is.” The voices faded as Maria turned away, clutching her surprise prize. She opened it slowly, and looked inside. A free double dip fudge ice-cream sundae at the Candy Palace! Maria smiled excitedly as the Palace was very expensive for her allowance to cover it. It would take one month to save up for even an ice cream sundae. But now a double dip fudge ice cream sundae! Now Maria waited for the day to end impatiently, glancing at the clock every five seconds, watching the hands go around the clock.

Finally school was over, and as she raced toward the door with her gift certificate in hand, she passed Elise, and gave her the special Daood grin.

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