May 23, 2017

Zainab's Salat

Published Feb 26, 2006
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"Ring! Ring! Ring!" went Zainab's clock, "Ring! Ring! Ring!" Zainab woke up. She went to the bathroom to make wudu for Fajr prayer. Her dada called athan and the family offered Fajr together.

After the prayer, Zainab went upstairs. "Wait!" Zainab's mom called out, "Tomorrow is the first day of school." "Yipee!" said Zainab. "I love school."

"But Zainab, you are going to the public school this year!" said Zainab's mom, but she was too late. Zainab had already gone to bed.

The next day Zainab woke up and she was too excited to brush her teeth or eat her breakfast. Zainab hurried and changed and hoped into the car. Zainab's mom was surprised to see her already in the car. When they got to the school Zainab was confused. "Why are we here mother?" asked Zainab.

"I forgot to tell you that you are going to public school this year," said her mom. "Oh, that is okay!" Zainab lifted her backpack and went inside. Few hours passed. Soon it was time for Zohar. Zainab raised her hand. Her teacher called on her. "Can I go and pray my salat?" asked Zainab.

"No you will miss too much work and there is no place where you can pray." said the teacher.

"Okay," said Zainab.

When it was time to go home, Zainab told her mother that she was not able to offer salat. Zainab's mother went in to talk to the her teacher. "Why can't Zainab offer salat at school?" asked Zainab's mother. "There is no place where she can pray and she will miss a lot of work," said Zainab's teacher. "She can pray in the library during lunch," suggested her mother.

"Okay" said the teacher.

And from that day Zainab was able to offer salat at school.

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