May 24, 2017

Exercise: The Key to a Healthy Life

Published Feb 19, 2006
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Obesity has become a major problem with the youth in America. Much of the problem can be contributed to kids being less and less physically active – and of course an unhealthy diet.

You’re not going outside to play, and you’re not playing sports anymore. You would rather stay inside and play video games or watch television. We have all learned that physical exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. So, why don’t we get off the couch and go have some physical fun?

The benefits of exercise are seen in the actions of those who came before us. Our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was known to walk at a fast pace. He was even known to have raced with his wife Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her.

The companions were known to have lived very healthy and physical lifestyles. The Prophet, peace be upon him, even advised Muslims to teach their children swimming, archery and horseback riding.

It is important for Muslims to take good care of their bodies. This means not only watching how and what we eat, but also taking part in physical exercise. There are many activities out there that boys and girls can participate in. But it is important to keep in mind and practice modesty with whatever sport you choose to pursue. And girls, don’t think you can’t get out there. There are many examples of teams of Muslims girls playing soccer, basketball, tennis – you name it. And they are in full hijab.

Make a list of three sports or physical activities you are interested in doing. Talk them over with your parents. Talk to your Muslim friends about starting up a team or going together to join a community team. It is always more fun when you participate with a friend. Take your time in deciding what is best for you. Go to a class or lesson, or watch a team practice before signing up for anything.

Muslims should be living examples of how to live a healthy and moderate lifestyle. Our outward appearance should reflect this.

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