May 23, 2017

Jupiter Facts

Some facts about the planet with the great red spot...

Published Feb 18, 2008
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  • Diameter: 142,984 km, mean distance from Sun: 778,330,000 km.
  • The atmosphere comprises of 90% Hydrogen and 10% Helium.
  • You will weigh more on Jupiter than on Earth. 100 Earth pounds = approx. 233 Jupiter pounds.
  • The Great Red Spot (GRS) on the surface of Jupiter was discovered 300 years ago and is big enough to hold two Earths within itself.
  • Jupiter is also known as a Gas Planet as its surface comprises of gaseous and liquid matter.
  • Galileo discovered the four moons of the Jupiter. First objects in the sky that didn’t rotate around the Earth.
  • It is the largest planet in the solar system.
  • Jupiter has 63 known Satellites.

Can you tell?

How many rings does Jupiter have?




(Answer: Three)


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