May 23, 2017

Amal and the Fairies of Sleeping Beauty

Second in the series, Amal learns about fairies from Lisa. However, Amal has some light and truth to shed on the true nature of fairies and how, as Muslim kids, we should feel about them.

Published Feb 26, 2006
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A king and a queen had a new baby girl. All the people of the king's court came to see the new baby. One of the important visitors were the fairies who came to make wishes for the little baby girl.

"What are fairies?" Amal asked Lisa.

"Fairies are little people with wings... um, and they grant wishes and do nice things for people." Lisa said, pointing to the picture in the book.

"What? Grant wishes? You mean, like when you wish for something, the fairies give it to you?" Amal asked; her eyes narrow.

Lisa looked at Amal's squinted face, and thought: Yes, that's what it said in the book.

"Um...yep." Lisa answered, looking at the page.

"That's crazy! If you want to make a wish, you should pray only to Allah. Imagine if a fairy wanted to give you something, and Allah did not want you to have it...could the fairy give it to you?" Amal asked Lisa. Lisa thought for a little while and then replied with a no.

"Fairies sound like jinns to me. A'oothu billeh," remarked Amal, leaning back into the couch.

"What are jinns?" Lisa asked.


"Jinns are creatures Allah made from smokeless fire. We can't see them, but the evil ones try to do bad things at all the time. The evil jinns are called shayateen." Amal explained.

"How do they try to get us to do bad things?" Lisa asked, turning in her seat towards Amal.

"They whisper to you. They give you ideas. Then you can decide to do the bad things or not. But the worst thing they always try is to get you to forget about how great Allah is."

"Oh. So the wishes are granted by Allah, not the fairies?" confirmed Lisa, her finger on her chin.

"Sure! Everything belongs to Allah. These fairies, or these little jinns here, are only going to do what Allah already planned them to do. Allah is in total control of everything."

This made perfect sense to Lisa.

"You know, this whole story is all about what a curse from a bad fairy does to the princess..." Lisa told Amal, who rolled her eyes, "Do you want to skip it?"

"Please." Amal breathed a big sigh, relieved.

They flipped through Sleeping Beauty and came to Cinderella.

Cinderella was hard at work all the time cleaning and doing other chores for her evil stepmother. Her father had died, too.


"Subhan'Allah! Don't any of these princesses have their father and mother around?" Amal said.

"Stepmothers are mean," Lisa noted.

"It's not bad if your dad marries someone instead of your mother," Amal said, "People are bad because they don't worship Allah. Allah turns them mean because He is cursing them."

"Wow! That's right! Mean people do bad stuff because they don't care what Allah says."

"And since they don't care about making Allah angry, Allah curses them and lets them get worse and worse. Then they go to hellfire." Amal said.

"If she were real, Cinderella's stepmother would go to hell." Lisa said.

"I guess so. Allah knows." Amal said.

"Yep." Lisa agreed.


Story (c) Sakina bint Erik Marx. See sister Sakina's website at:

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