May 23, 2017

Amal and The Little Mermaid

In this part, Amal meets Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Published Feb 20, 2006
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Amal and Ariel
Illustration by Aisha

Ariel was the youngest daughter of a mermaid royal family. Her father was the king. She used to enjoy swimming to the surface of the water to try and watch humans, even though her father had forbidden her to do that.

“What’s a mermaid? They’re not for real, are they?” Amal said.

“I’m pretty sure they’re pretend,” Lisa answered, “You can’t be half human and still breathe underwater.”

“That’s right. Whatever she is, this girl is bad! How can she keep going someplace her father told her not to go!” Amal said, amazed.

Then Amal saw bubbles. And seaweed. And then she found herself swimming beside Ariel, the little mermaid. Amal sighed.

“Hey!”, Ariel said, “You’re a human! How did you swim here so fast?”

“I don’t know,” Amal said, swimming along. All she could see were clouds and ocean water.

“I love humans. They’re so interesting. My father thinks I’m silly, and he just doesn’t understand!” Ariel complained.

“Your father knows what’s better for you and he loves you. Allah gave us parents to teach us the good and right things to do. Disobeying your parents is really bad,” Amal said. Ariel stopped swimming.

What a way to live! Forget about being a human, I want to be a Muslim!

“But its not dangerous to come up here. He thinks it is.” Ariel argued. She was a feisty mermaid.

“I don’t know about mermaids, but I do know about humans. If you love humans so much, then why don’t you act like the best kind?” Amal asked her.

“Who are they? What do they do?” Ariel asked.

“They pray to Allah alone and do everything that Allah and His Messenger Mohammad (peace be upon him) have told them to do. Obeying Allah means obeying your parents, except if they tell you to disbelieve in Allah of course,” Amal said.

“How can I become one?” Ariel asked. Amal waited. She didn’t think Ariel understood.

“Why do you want to know?” Amal asked.

“I want to be like a human. Being a mermaid is boring.” Ariel said.

“To become a Muslim you have to realize who Allah is. Do you know who Allah is?” Amal said.

“No,” Ariel said, “My father didn’t ever mention Him.”

“Allah is the One Who created all the things we see. He is so Great and Powerful, He even made things we can’t see. And He provides for everything and is in control of all of us.”

“Is He around where we can see Him?” Ariel asked.

“No. He is too great for that. Everything else besides Him is created for one reason: to worship Him. That’s how great He is.”

“I guess we wouldn’t worship anything else, seeing that He has done all this for us,” Ariel commented. “So how do we worship Him?”

“We worship Allah by obeying Him and His last Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). The last Prophet was a man chosen by Allah to explain to people how to be the best kind of person,” Amal said. “He taught us to never worship others besides Allah, and to obey your parents, and give things to poor people and good things like that.”

“What if you can’t do it all the time, like if you forget and disobey your father or something?” Ariel said.

“You ask Allah to forgive you and try harder to obey him next time.” Amal answered. Ariel thought for a little while, then smiled.

“What a way to live! Forget about being a human, I want to be a Muslim!”

“Okay then. Say La ilaaha il Allah, Mohammadur-Rasool Allah.” Amal told her. The Little Mermaid repeated it to Amal.

“I should go home to my father,” Ariel said quietly, “but it sure was nice talking to you,” she added, shaking Amal’s hand.

“Why don’t you tell your family about Allah and Muslims?” Amal suggested.

“Hey, I should! They should be Muslims, too!” She said excitedly. “Bye!”

“Bye!” called Amal. Lisa looked at Amal strangely.

“Who are you talking to?” Lisa asked, staring at Amal. Again Amal was on the couch. Now they were beginning the story about ‘The Beauty and the Beast’.

“What is this story about?” Amal asked, trying to change the subject…

What does Amal have to say to Belle and the Beast? Do they even read that story, or skip it because of the magic inside? Read all about it in the next part!


Story (c) Sakina bint Erik Marx. See sister Sakina's website at:

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