May 23, 2017

Astro Zaki and the Enchanted Necklace of Saturn (part 2)

Published Feb 26, 2006
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"This wizard is the most powerful one here," explained Chief Jon, "Right now he has succeeded in creating a vision of where the Necklace is".

Just then a pale yellow cloud arose in front of the wizard. Slowly something like a forest appeared in it. Now the cloud seemed like a television that was playing out a movie. Suddenly there was a ruffling in the leaves of the trees and a short man walked out into the clearing. He had several jars of that were filled with some bluish liquid.

The short man first scanned the clearing and then he started to walk towards the center. Once in the centre, he took out a shovel from his backpack and started digging. The third time he struck the ground, it was obvious that he had hit something hard. The short man pulled out a box from the ground and took the Necklace out from it. Just then the yellow cloud started to dissipate. As soon as the cloud fully disappeared, the wizard let out another gasp and fainted.

Astro Zaki's mind was working overtime. It was obvious that the person they had just seen in the cloud was the Necklace thief. But Zaki had been paying attention to the surroundings as well. The first difference he had noticed was that the forest and the clearing were bright yellow instead of the pale yellow that colored everything on Saturn. Secondly, he had noticed that the grass in the clearing had been green, like any normal grass. This was in contrast to Saturn's yellow grass. The third thing that Zaki had felt was out of place was the dwarf's hair. It was all messy and rumpled, instead of being neatly combed. It was as if the dwarf had just gotten off a motorcycle after a really fast ride.

Just then, the King walked in the hall. He was old and frail and looked very worried. One other custom that the planet Saturn had was that the king and queen had to take the name Saturn, and completely give up their original names.

"Chief Jon, any luck yet?" asked King Saturn in a faint voice.

"Yes your highness," replied the Chief. "We are working hard on this case. My special agent Astro Zaki here, in fact, had some questions to ask you."

Zaki asked the King questions about all the observations he had made about the place they had seen in the yellow cloud. The King's answers were quite helpful. Zaki's belief that the place in the yellow cloud wasn't Saturn was confirmed; instead, the place in the cloud was one of Saturn's moons. That was the only place in Saturn's orbit that got enough sunlight for the grass to be green. The clearing and the forest were bright yellow due to excess sun light as well. Lastly, Astro Zaki's notion that the dwarf had been riding a motor bike was confirmed. You could get to the moon only by a motor bike, and the only way to obtain a motor bike on a Saturn was to rent one. And to ease things a bit, there was only one shop that rented motor bikes, and that was on the edge of Saturn, next to the "Saturn Moon Highway".

Another surprise was waiting for Astro Zaki when he landed his Astromobile in front of the rental shop. The glass on the front door had been smashed and the attendant was gagged and tied against a chair. Zaki quickly untied the attendant and asked what had happened.

"Sir, there was a dwarf here earlier this morning," stammered the attendant, "He seemed very angry and had four men with him. All the men were much taller and looked very strong. They tied and gagged me as soon as they got here."

The attendant took a sip of water before continuing. "The dwarf gave the men a box and instructed them to bury it in some forest meadow. Then they took four bikes out and the men were off on the highway. The dwarf sat down on the floor in the middle of the room and started saying some spells."

"It seemed as if the dwarf's spells were some sort of curses to ward off other spells," the attendant said. "After a while he got up and raced away on another motorcycle. I have been stuck here since then."

The Saturn Moon Highway was one of the oldest structures in the galaxy. The reason why only motor bikes could go on it was that it was constructed of a material that could endure the sun's light and heat. As far as the moon was concerned, the heat was intolerable if you were a Saturn native, but was quite bearable otherwise. Also, a large part of the moon had a big forest on it. There was only one noticeable clearing in the middle of it. Presumably, this had been the clearing that Astro Zaki had seen in the yellow cloud. With no time to loose, Zaki also grabbed a motorbike and was racing away on the highway.

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