May 24, 2017

Fatima’s Stolen Ring

Published Feb 20, 2006
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“Isn’t it so pretty?” Cried Aisha.

“You got that right!” agreed Sarah.

“Thanks, my dad bought it from Madinah,” said Fatima happily.

“Oh, I love the diamond it is so beautiful!” exclaimed Sophia.

Fatima’s father had gone to Madinah on a business trip, and had bought Fatima a diamond ring.

“Oh, hi Fatima,” said Jameela, “ Oh, umm… nice piece of junk there.” She said trying to hide her jealousy. Jameela was the one who got most of the attention, because her parents travelled a lot and bought her things from all over the world, but had never bought her anything so valuable before. And she hated it when others got more attention than her.

“Assalamualaikum class,” said Mrs. Ahmed, their grade three teacher, as she walked into the room. “Settle down everyone and get ready for math.”

After math they had English. Jameela’s mind wondered through both periods. She could not think about anything, but the diamond ring on Fatima’s hand.

After English the girls went to the washroom to make wudu to pray Duhur. When Fatima was making wudu, she took off her ring.

Jameela, who wanted the ring more than ever, looked at it and her heart thumped in her chest. She could not decide what to do. Millions of thoughts raced through her mind, and she had mixed feeling of excitement and fear.

Not knowing what to do, she slipped the ring into her pocket and ran out of the washroom.

Jameela ran into the prayer room to offer her prayers. She asked Allah (SWT) to forgive her for the evil deed she had just done.

Soon, Fatima came running through the hall, and into the prayer room with a worried look on her face.

“My ring is lost!” exclaimed Fatima. Fatima, Aisha, Sarah, and Sophia asked Jameela and a few other girls in the prayer room if they had seen the ring.

When Fatima asked Jameela this, she felt guilty, but answered, “Are you asking me if I stole that piece of junk? You are joking, right?”

“No I am not.” Replied Fatima sadly, and went out of the prayer room.

The bell rang for lunch and Jameela head out for the cafeteria. When she got there, she saw Fatima discussing the matter with Mrs. Ahmed. Jameela felt really guilty as she clutched the diamond ring in her pocket. She thought she could slip the ring back in Fatima’s desk as soon as the bell rang for the next class. She knew she had to get to the classroom before anyone else.

She noticed that Fatima was standing outside the cafeteria crying, with her friend gathered around her.

When lunch was over, Jameela rushed to the class. But when she came into the class, she was disappointed too see Mrs. Ahmed sitting on her desk. She seated herself quietly.

During Social Studies period, Mrs. Ahmed talked about Fatima’s ring and how it was so important to Fatima. She inquired if anyone took it, to return it by the end of the day. After school was over, Jameela slipped the ring and a piece of paper saying “sorry” in Fatima’s desk. She ran out of school and ran all the way home.

That night, she thought about what she had done and asked Allah (SWT) to forgive her. She had learned her lesson, and promised herself she would not do it again because she hurt Fatima by stealing her ring, and then saying she never took it.

The next day, when Jameela entered the classroom Fatima was already there, with a smile on her face. Jameela knew she had found the ring and the letter she had written, in her desk. Jameela was very pleased that she had decided to return the ring to Fatima and learned never to steal again.

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