May 24, 2017

Walnuts and Melons

A folk tale from Iran.

Published Feb 27, 2006
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A farmer driving a mule reached a melon farm. Tired and thirsty, he sat down to rest under the shade of a big walnut tree. He soon began to enjoy the view of the spreading vines of big watermelons. As he started to lay down for a quick nap he noticed few tiny walnuts hanging from the branches of the huge tree. Bewildered by the work of God, he wondered why small walnuts grew on such an enormous tree, when the giant watermelons grew on flat and delicate vines spread on the ground.

The puzzled farmer was wondering over this when a tiny walnut fell down and hit him on his head. He stretched his hands high up towards the sky and said thankfully, "Oh Almighty God, it was clever of you not to let melons grow on trees, for I would have been dead by now."

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