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VR-Porn – Adjusting Sexual Life: Compensation for Some Desires

The Pornhub, one of the world’s leading providers of adult content, is famous not only for this videos but also for its approach to business. Maybe not quite scientific, but still not plain. Having analyzed visitor statistics, site administrators regularly report to the “city and the world” what users are most actively searching and looking at this online platform the most check here. Sometimes their revelations were rather curious. It turned out that citizens of the United States, for example, are primarily looking for lesbian porn on the site. And with emerging VR this figure only have increased. So media and experts have started debating on this phenomenon. And some conclusions go beyond the only-girls love.

Pure Arithmetic

The first comments on the web on this topic were pretty funny. Their authors pointed out that either the audience of pornography is becoming more or more female one, or men suffer from masochism – otherwise, why should they still desire the love that is least accessible to them? It’s common knowledge that most lesbians are merely interested in sexual contact with men. But VR porn gives such an opportunity to the male audience: he’s lying in a bed in glasses or helmet being almost among hot chicks.   

However, if to speak seriously, both above assumptions are questioned:

    • For example, a detailed survey conducted recently by Marie Claire magazine showed that if women watch porn, then they are much more interested in heterosexual rather than lesbian scenes.
  • The second argument is still simpler. It is trying to equate pornography and real life. Meanwhile, porn, as researchers have repeatedly pointed out, appeals to sexual fantasies. They may not have any relation to reality at all, but this in no way prevents people experiencing these fantasies with extreme excitement. Virtual reality technologies allow this to full degree.

The American neuropsychologist Ogi Ogaswho wrote a solid book based on the study of millions of erotic stories, videos and search queries on the web, notes that many people in their imaginary world see themselves having sex with superheroes or other fantastic creatures. The chances of such sex in reality, of course, are far less than even the chances of an average man having sex with lesbians. But in fact, they are fantasizing, and thanks to VR devices and accessories these dreams come true.

Bold Experiments

These findings are confirmed by the psychologist Michael Bailey. He studied arousal in men and women very thoroughly, not only fixing brain activity at the time of demonstrating visual stimuli, but also measuring arousal at the level of the genitals. In his experiments, women achieved approximately the same level of genital pleasure when watching heterosexual and lesbian porn or videos with the participation of exclusive men. However, while sharing their feelings to researchers, the participants said that they did not experience any excitement from the sight of male couples engaged in love.

So, the path from purely physiological arousal to its awareness in women is very smart and tortuous. But with men is everything as easy as pie. The same experiments by the above scientist showed unequivocally: nothing excites men more than female images in porn. And the more – the better, which, in fact, is quite an obvious thing.

Good for both! They are not dependable any more on partners because VR porn may release almost all hidden desires. Maybe virtual reality sex will decrease the level of divorces and splitting of two loving hearts.