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Porn and Self-Esteem

Does porn influence your self-esteem? Whether watching porn concern your mental health and relationships with others? Or this harmless weakness does not affect them in any way? Let’s figure out together.

Watching porn gives rise to certain unrealistic expectations, some specialists claim. If you take in mind to say the size of the actor’s penis or the number of partners per unit time, how will evaluate yourself?

Pornography can become dangerous if to treat it like drugs. It is this feeling that makes wives worry about their husbands (and their parents worry about their teenagers) if they have a reason to assume that the latter is addicted to watching sex online. And what exactly is the danger? Opinions of experts are ambiguous:

  • Some say that by comparing themselves to porn stars, the viewer risks lowering his self-esteem.
  • Others do not see any harm in adult content. And even believe that to some degree it can help when a person wants to enrich his/her sexual life, to become more confident.

Probably, the question lays in the quality of porn both regular and VR one. Outstanding talent of professionals in this field can contribute to a positive perception of own sexuality & inner desire.

But two questions remain unanswered:

  • The first is emotional: does our intuition really lie?
  • The second is rational: where does porn addiction come from?

Psychologists believe that it’s important to not create a veil between a person and his/her real needs. Most of our internal conflicts begin in childhood. Maybe a discussion of early years in this context might seem blasphemous to someone, but we hope the reader will take into account: this is done in order to clarify the essence of the matter.

Here are the most common situations:

  • Parents control us; we have to obey, even when we don’t want to.
  • We repress our anger at our mother and father for fear of punishment or upsetting them.
  • We crave parental care and attention but do not receive them to the extent that we would like.
  • We rush to the parents with an expression of our ardent affection, and in response, we hear: “Do not disturb me,” “Do not you see, the mother is busy.”

As a result, we repress our feelings and desires over and over again, and this trap becomes habitual, unconscious and automatic. Being depressed, it creates a reservoir of “locked” energy within us that seeks and does not find a way out. That’s why some people search for escape in sex slots. In reality, they need that figures from “screen” allowed them having a natural desire for lovemaking and passion.

How Films For Adults Differ From Reality

Does it really happen: how porn is different from s real sex? Do not expect this in your bedroom, this is fantasy writers! Do you agree?

You probably already realized that when you order a pizza, it is unlikely that a sexy blonde will bring it. Most people think that porn shows what actually happens in bedrooms, like, they are filming what people do, claim psychologists who study the effect of pornography on romantic relationships.

But in fact, few people are interested in watching ordinary sex. So adult content pursues another goal: to bring pleasure by showing something new, unusual. Movies can either expand your repertoire or narrow it. To be more precise, if you think that everyone does what you see, then you will consider it the norm of “good sex” and limit your behavior in bed accordingly. So what action is best to leave for porn actors? What expectations are best to forget? Read on and find out!

Double Penetration

Almost every fifth scene in videos is double penetration. But according to scientific studies in real life only about 3% of men and 1% of women tried it. “This is uncomfortable and may be painful for a woman. Instead, try moving a penis between her tightly compressed hips or buy a vibrator that can be inserted along with the penis.

She Moans All the Time

If women were so easily excited, as shown in movies, they would always be on the verge of orgasm. In reality, 75% of women simulate their coming. And the harder you will help her to achieve it, the more often she will simulate. The groans of 20 minutes of non-stop on the screen just make you more trusting. However, if everything in your bedroom usually goes silent, you may include porn as a background sound.

Dirty Words

They are used in about half of all slots. Why? It’s a reminder that she’s a bad girl, so she should be punished instead of admiring her. Statistics “from the bedrooms” is as follows: only 20% of women are faced such groans and almost all of them treat them negatively. This is not surprising: few females will like it when you humiliate her. If you want to feel control in the bedroom, you don’t have to call at your girlfriend at all. Better ask her in advance: “Can I pull you by the hair?”

In porn, you will not see a flaccid penis at all, which makes erectile function problems worldwide even more embarrassing. Pornography creates an image of a dude who is ready to have sex immediately, as he undresses. And everything else is treated like abnormal. But in reality, man is less confident about the size of his dick and the time he needs to achieve an erection.